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Property disputes in New Hampshire and northern New England are frequent, as many parties often enjoy common access to valuable amenities such as beaches, views and docks.  Orr & Reno’s litigators regularly represent clients in disputes concerning real estate titles, easements, metes and bounds, trespass, tree trespass, prescription, adverse possession, covenants, riparian (water) law, docks and moorings, condominiums and associations.

In addition to an active practice in title insurance claims, we represent clients with unique and complicated property interests.  The common law of property is centuries old, and our litigators frequently go back that far in search of answers to today’s property questions.   Having a deep knowledge of the law of water access, for front lot, back lot and association owners, we frequently represent clients involved in waterfront property disputes.

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Representative Matters

  • Relying on laws and norms established in England in the 16th Century, Orr & Reno litigators enabled a lakefront property owner to preserve his parcel from partition and keep it in the family.
  • Brought and recovered, often without the need for trial, tree trespass claims involving errant tree cutting from just a handful of trees to entire acres.
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