Family Law

When Is It “Time” To Meet With a Family Law Attorney?

Many people look forward to getting married, but few plan to get divorced.  The idea of separating from a long-term partner, and the impact it...

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Health Savings Accounts (HSA) May be Allocated in Divorce

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a trust or custodial account to which contributions can be made on a pre-tax basis, up to certain annual...

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Who (Will) Let the Dogs Out?

While many people now pamper their pets like human children, dogs are considered property in New Hampshire—a holdover from the days when many citizens’ most...

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Alimony – Renewal Versus Modification

The NH Supreme Court case of Hoyt and Hoyt, decided on October 3, 2018, addresses the standard of proof needed to renew an expired alimony...

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Is it OK to Date During Divorce Proceedings?

Clients oftentimes want to know if it is okay for him or her to date while divorce proceedings are pending.  Under New Hampshire law, if...

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