COVID-19 UPDATE: NH Cities and Towns May Waive Interest on Late Property Taxes Under Recent Executive Order

On Friday, April 3, 2020, Governor Sununu signed Emergency Order 25, “Temporary modification of interest penalty for late payment of property taxes.”  The Emergency Order authorizes counties and municipalities to waive the interest accrued on late property tax payments in all municipalities and counties in New Hampshire.  Most property taxes are due on July 1st.  Normally, payment after the due date accrues interest as a late payment penalty, which the taxpayer must pay unless the taxpayer can show good cause.   Emergency Order 25, however, authorizes counties and municipalities to grant blanket abatements of the accrued interest during the State of Emergency.  No individual applications are required.

Emergency Order #25 also extends the prohibition on foreclosures under Emergency Order 4 so that foreclosures for late payment of property taxes are suspended during the State of Emergency.

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