Criminal Defense

by wpengine | September 13, 2016 11:56 pm


We represent individuals and organizations at all stages of the criminal process, in both state and federal courts. This includes pre-indictment investigation through indictment and trial. We defend clients charged with state and federal crimes, including mail and wire fraud, securities violations, drug crimes, firearms charges, homicide, sexual assault, theft, burglary and motor vehicle offenses.

Our team includes a former prosecutor with experience in high profile cases. His approach emphasizes rapid response, careful fact finding, skillful negotiating with prosecutors and law enforcement, and persuasion in the court room.

Orr & Reno practitioners defend businesses and individuals that are the subject of criminal investigations.  We investigate the facts thoroughly and develop a legal strategy that is in the client’s best interest.  We work to resolve matters before an investigation leads to formal charges and adverse publicity.

We recognize that when clients face potential criminal penalties, their futures are at stake. We believe that whether a client is a potential target of an investigation or a criminal defendant, the client must be comforted in knowing that their attorney has been there before and obtained successful results.

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