Civil Rights and Discrimination

by wpengine | September 13, 2016 11:56 pm


We represent employers, business owners and individuals in civil rights and discrimination claims in the state and federal courts, and before the New Hampshire Human Rights and U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission.

Practice Focus

Our practice focus is on rigorously determining the facts of the case and providing our clients with the best opportunity to pursue or defend a case under the law.  Any discrimination case has several stages at which the case can be lost or won, from motions to dismiss, through discovery, summary judgment and pretrial motions and, finally, the trial and appeal.  The law of civil rights and discrimination is deep and complex.  It goes without saying that having the right counsel is critical to winning.  But it’s even more critical to obtaining cost-effective, complete and satisfactory results for businesses and individuals.  We represent many industries as well as individuals in Civil Rights and Discrimination disputes.

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