Orr & Reno Places 25 Attorneys Among ‘The Best Lawyers in America’ – Five Selected ‘Lawyer of the Year’, Four Chosen ‘Ones to Watch’

by Mike DeBlasi | August 17, 2023 12:20 am

Twenty-five attorneys from Orr & Reno have been selected by their peers for inclusion in the 2024 edition of The Best Lawyers in America[1].

John L. Arnold, Peter F. Burger, Robert S. Carey, William L. Chapman, Jonathan M. Eck, Judith A. Fairclough, Ann Meissner Flood, Susan S. Geiger, Margaret R. Kerouac, James F. Laboe, Bradford Melson, Marcia Hennelly Moran, James E. Morris, Julie R. Morse, Lindsay E. Nadeau, Kelly L. Ovitt Puc, Douglas L. Patch, George W. Roussos, Tony L. Sayess, Virginia Symmes Sheehan, Laura E. Tobin, Erin M. VandenBorre, Lisa Snow Wade, Emily A. White, and John M. Zaremba earned the distinction for a wide range of practice areas.

Additionally, attorney Burger was selected as Concord’s “Lawyer of the Year” for Commercial Finance Law, attorney Eck was selected as Concord’s “Lawyer of the Year” for Litigation (insurance), attorney Flood was selected as Concord’s “Lawyer of the Year” for Trusts and Estates, attorney Kerouac was selected as Concord’s “Lawyer of the Year” for Arbitration, and attorney Wade was selected as Concord’s “Lawyer of the Year” for Personal Injury Litigation (defendants). These distinctions are awarded to just a single attorney in each practice area in the community.

Also receiving recognition as “Ones to Watch” are attorney Nicole A. Forbes[2] for the second consecutive year, and recognized for the first time are attorneys Meredith Goldstein[3], Lynnette Macomber[4], and Elizabeth Vélez[5].

The Best Lawyers in America is considered the definitive guide to legal excellence in the United States and inclusion is based on a confidential peer-review study by tens of thousands of lawyers. Lawyers are not permitted to pay a fee to be included in the listings, which were first published in 1983.

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